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Travel Tips for Visitors to Greece
Passport and Visa Requirements
All Travelers from the USA or Canada will require a valid American or Canadian passport with at least 2-3 empty pages. The passport must be valid at the time of travel for 6 months past your return date. Please note, even a difference of a few days will cause the authorities to deny you boarding your flight. Before your trip, a very good practice is to make two copies of your passport's data page, one for someone at home and another for you to carry separately.
There are no visa requirements for Canadian or American passport Holders entering Greece for Vacation and Leisure purposes.
Please ensure that the name on your airline ticket matches the information in your passport exactly.
Please review your dates of travel and your flight itinerary as soon as it is provided to you.
Please read the invoice confirmation that was provided at the time of booking very carefully.
You are required to return this document back to us with your signature of approval.
All Vouchers and Ferry Tickets will be given to you by our Representative upon arrival.
PLEASE NOTE: Ferry Tickets are not re-issued and they are not e-tickets. They are also Non Refundable. In case of loss you will have to purchase brand new tickets.
In rare situations, itineraries may be modified due to inclement weather, transport route amendments, and/or force majeure; changes may occur with little or no notice, in that event our Representatives will assist you.
Please note: The check-in time for most hotels is 3:00 pm and check-out time can be as early as 11:00 am, regardless of your arrival or departure times. Check-in/check-out policies differ by hotel and will therefore vary depending on circumstances. Passengers wishing to make arrangements for a late check-out/check-in and baggage storage must negotiate this service directly with the hotel. Our representative will do his/her best to assist you in this matter.
Guaranteed Departures
All our departures are guaranteed. Upon booking we guarantee the departure and price.
Airline Fees
Airline seat assignment. Advance seat selection is subject to airline fees, paid directly to the airline at the time you select your seats.
Please note that airlines reserve the right to change/cancel the pre-selected seats due to schedule changes or Flight equipment change.
Note that there also some airlines that they do not allow advance seat selection.
Checked Baggage Fees. Many airlines have checked baggage fees; once you receive your tickets contact the airline with your airline reservation code for specific charges + terms and conditions.
You can also visit the airline's website, for more details: Click Here >>
Airline tickets are 100% non-refundable/ unchangeable. If the airline allows a change, the change is always subject to change fees that vary from USD250 and up + the difference in fare; charges are per ticket, and every airline has specific policies and fees.
Airline flight schedules are always subject to change, we will always try our best to accommodate to these changes, but we are not responsible for any losses incurred due to missed-connections, flight cancellations or flight schedule changes. Is strongly recommended you purchase Travel insurance to cover these circumstances.
Greece uses the Euro as their currency. In addition to your credit/debit cards, it is advisable to have local currency for your in-country purchases. When traveling to the Islands you will find many stores and restaurants prefer cash.
Money Exchange
Before you arrive in Greece, you may wish to convert a small amount of currency before you depart for peace of mind. Choose small denominations which will be useful for tips and small purchases.
Once in Greece be sure to exchange foreign currency at officially approved facilities only.
ATM Machines
ATM’s are easily found all over larger Cities in Greece. Please ensure that your debit card is part of the Plus and/or Cirrus network, and that your bank is aware of your intended overseas use of your bank cards to avoid any inconvenience.
When visiting the smaller Greek Islands there may not be an ATM available, so make sure you take sufficient cash with you during your stay. Most banks are open at 8:00am and close at 2:00pm. Cash is also the preferred form of payment in many restaurants and stores within the Islands.
Credit Cards
Credit cards are widely accepted, though using a credit card may incur additional fees; make sure to ask the vendor before applying payment to the card. Make sure to advise your Credit Card Company of your intended overseas use of your Credit cards to avoid any inconvenience.
Spending Money
Everyone is different, which makes money requirements vary greatly. You may do more shopping, frequent more expensive restaurants, or order an expensive bottle of wine with your dinner, so keep this in mind when considering your monetary planning. You can expect to pay an average of $15 Euros per person for lunch and $20 to $25 for dinner. Breakfast is included with your hotel accommodation.
Some restaurants will automatically add tax and a tip to your restaurant bill, so make sure to check or ask. Tipping is usually between 10-15% and should be given in cash directly to the waiter or on the table. Tipping in Greece is optional but please keep in mind that many service staff rely on tips because of low wages. As for taxi drivers, they will expect a tip of about 10%, and most if not all public toilet attendants will expect a tip at the washroom entrance for their washroom supplies (between 50 cents to 1 Euro). Always make sure you keep plenty of small change with you.
Private Tour Tipping
The equivalent to USD $10 to $15 per guest per day is suggested for full day touring. This is usually divided between both the guide & driver. For half-day tours $5 USD.
Coach Bus Group Tour Tipping
The equivalent to USD $5 to $10 per guest per day is suggested for full day touring. This is usually divided between both the guide & driver. For half-day tours $3 to $5.
Greece is very casual in terms of dress; Smart-casual is definitely widely accepted. In the winter or some evenings you will notice a drop in temperature so you will need warmer clothing including sweaters and a light jacket or raincoat. As it is sunny year round, you will need to bring sunglasses, hat and sun screen. Please be prepared for walking with comfortable shoes. We suggest you pack as light as possible especially when you have to travel between Islands by Ferry, it will make it easier to carry your luggage around.
Suggested Travel Essentials
Valid Passport for 6 months past your return date with blank pages.
Travel Insurance / numbers who to call for emergency assistance.
International Flight Tickets.
Drivers License or alternative ID.
Photocopy of passport.
Money (cash / debit / credit cards).
Money belt or pouch.
Pocket calculator.
Suggested Packing:
Casual, cotton clothing.
Light sweater.
Comfortable walking shoes.
Sandals / water shoes.
Lightweight nylon jacket / waterproof.
Hat / wind proof.
Swimsuit / sunscreen.
Personal medication / prescriptions copy in case of need to refill.
First aid kit / over-counter essentials.
Extra Eye glasses / contact lenses.
Antibacterial gels/wipes.
Batteries / Charger / USB chord.
Small Binoculars.
Electrical adapter.
Airlines revise luggage policies frequently and often without notice; therefore we urge you to check with your airline before traveling to determine current weight and size restrictions.
Make sure you purchase travel insurance that includes Baggage delay/loss protection.
If your luggage does not arrive with you upon landing make sure you get a case report with time/date before leaving the airport since you will need that for any insurance claim.
Health Regulations and Medical Requirements
There are no special vaccines or immunizations that are required for you to enter the country. It is recommended to visit your Doctor prior to departure to review your personal health and how it may get affected during your trip. All children should be up to date with immunizations before they travel to any international country. All visitors who are traveling to Greece from outside the EU are recommended to purchase medical insurance prior to their departure. Most doctors in Greece speak English.
Travel Insurance
Having Travel insurance is essential for any vacation, and Greece is not an exception, the cost of medical emergencies or home repatriation can be extremely high, make sure you read your policy carefully and understand all the applicable exclusions and limitations. Usually you pay for small medical bills while you are at your destination and claim upon arrival, but in the case of a major emergency you must call the insurance company immediately (or have someone call on your behalf), not doing so affects the eligibility of your claim. It is always a good idea to give details of your policy to a close relative back home and to your travel companion. Protect your investment by also having trip cancellation/interruption insurance.
Some Tips to Keep You Healthy when Traveling to Greece
Drinking tap water is not recommended, please only drink bottled water and inspect the seal cap before drinking it. To be on the safe side you should also brush your teeth with bottled water.
If you know your system is very sensitive take extra precautions like eating only fruits with a thick peel, and making sure your food is freshly made and well cooked. Wash your hands frequently and do not touch any stray animals. Do not overload your stomach, especially on the first days after your arrival to give your body time to acclimatize. If you keep a special diet back home try to continue this while on your trip.
Drink more water than you usually do at home especially while touring the sites on hot days. Bring a small medical kit with headache tablets, allergy and stomach medication, etc Bring sunblock with you especially if you are fair skinned, SPF lip balm is also a good idea.
If you need to bring medication, bring it in your carry-on luggage; present them to the screening officer separately on a zip lock bag. It is very important that the medication is labeled with the prescription pharmacy/label. You may want to have your prescription saved on your cell phone in case you need to refill while on destination.
The official language of Greece is Greek. English is widely spoken at Hotels and Tourist areas.
Electricity – Time Zone
The standard for electronics in Greece is 220V (50Hz). Make sure to bring or purchase an electrical adaptor before you leave for your trip.
Greece is in the Eastern European Time Zone (UTC+02:00).
Telephone and Internet
Long distance charges can be expensive at most hotels, calling cards are widely available and you should try those instead. Internet is usually reliable, and WI-FI is generally available, usually for an extra cost. Internet Cafes are found in most major Cities and Towns.
Regular mail will take over a week to reach USA or Canada.
There are lots of amazing shopping districts in Athens that offer unique finds, from traditional items to modern goods and souvenirs. The Plaka, the oldest neighborhood in Athens, contains a very nice outdoor shopping area that is mostly closed off to traffic. Here you will find tons of cafes, restaurants, jewelry shops, and souvenir shops. Ermou Street in Athens is a pedestrian-only street and it is the place you want to go for a great selection of clothing stores and fashion brands. If you are looking to bring a unique piece of Greece home with you, head to the Monastiraki Flea Market in Athens where you can find all sorts of interesting knick-knacks, handmade items, jewelry, and antiques.
Gold jewelry is a great thing to purchase in Greece as some of the best goldsmiths in the world are Greek.
These gold items are inexpensive and crafted by hand. Greece also offers some exquisite local products that can be lovely, practical gifts to bring back home. These include olive oil, olives, honey, halvas, cotton clothing, cheeses, and sausages. Other practical and authentic gifts are leather Greek sandals, which are made locally and can easily be found in most shopping districts in Greece. You also cannot go wrong with bringing home a nice bottle of wine or Ouzo to be enjoyed at home.
Bringing Children to Greece
There are countless activities to keep children and parents busy and happy whilst saying in Greece. The Acropolis, The Ancient Agora, and other ancient sites are child friendly. Here children can learn about fascinating Greek myths. Athens contains plenty of child-specific activities including gorgeous gardens with ponds, the Hellenic Cosmos, a planetarium, The Museum of Greek Children’s Art, amusement parks, and zoological parks that are not far from the city.
Depending on where you are staying in Greece, you will have the option to enjoy boat rides, beach swims, and activities along the water. Greece is a family friendly and safe space to bring the whole family, from the old to the young. You do need to be vigilant to keep children hydrated and properly protected from the sun.
Greek cuisine often uses staple ingredients such as fish and seafood, meat (poultry, lamb, rabbit and pork), olives, cheeses, grains, wine, eggplant, zucchini, lemon juice, herbs, and bread. With its expansive history comes a long tradition of Greek cuisine. The flavors and dishes change with the seasons and differ depending on the regions. Some of the most common dishes in Greece include grilled meat and fish, dips such as taramasalata and tzatziki, dolemades (stuffed grape leaves), moussaka, courgette balls, feta and cheeses, grilled and marinated octopus, and of course honey and baklava. If you are a vegetarian, Greek Cuisine offers plenty of choices of dips, grilled vegetables, fava beans and pastas.
Greece is a beautiful country full of breathtaking views of architecture and nature. All archaeological sites allow handheld photography without flash, and the specific areas in museums where you are not allowed to take photographs are clearly marked. Certain museums do not allow people to pose beside artifacts and statues, and these rules will be made clear before entering the museum.
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